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04 July 2007 @ 02:11 am
Has anyone seen the movie yet?  What did you think? 

I plan on going in the next few days. Just don't spoil it for me.
13 June 2007 @ 07:36 pm
Transformers Roundtable with Michael Bay
The director drops hints about the sequel and his candid thoughts about online fans.
by Patrick Kolan, IGN AU

Australia, June 13, 2007 - As part of their Sydney premiere of Transformers, Michael Bay and his two leading ladies, Megan Fox and Aussie Rachael Taylor sat down with the local media for a spot of chin-waggery. In the half-hour long session, the trio delved into all manner of post-shoot discussions. We've dissected it and brought forward the best bits for your intellectual digestion.

We also had the distinct privilege of getting to chat separately with the two lovely ladies of Transformers. We'll have a full video interview with them in the coming days. In the meantime, check out some shots from the world premiere in Sydney.

After mentioning how Transformers has consistently been in the top-five best selling toys every year for the last twenty years around the world, Michael Bay talked about his initial apprehension with tackling the beloved series that has grown up with its fans.

"I think it's also strange that adults do collect the toys, don't you?" We kind of got the impression he's a little down on geek culture. We're not sure on this, but there are a lot of mature-aged readers who might disagree with you on that one, Bay. Regardless, he dove into why he eventually went ahead with the idea.

He explained, "Steven Spielberg called me up and said, 'Michael, I want you to do this movie called Transformers. There's not much of an idea - it's about this boy who buys a car and it's an alien-robot.' And I was kind of like, ah, alright, sounds kind of cool. And I hung up and I said, 'I'm never doing that stupid movie.' It's true. I thought it would be a silly toy movie."

Bay ended up going to Hasbro, where he met with the CEO and was taken on a tour of the facilities and given a crash course in Transformers lore - something that left a lasting impression on Bay and provided enough impetus to convince him a movie was worthwhile.

"If I could make this really real and edgy, I think I could do something pretty cool with it." Bay concluded.

IGN, being cynical cretins by nature, questioned why Bay thought Transformers wasn't a toy movie since, last we checked, it's about a line of toys and was created with support from Hasbro - a toy manufacturer.

"Transformers is essentially a movie based around a line of toys - but there's a lot of violence and mature content in the film aimed presumably at adults. Was it hard to strike a balance?"

Bay on-set during the shoot., possibly demonstrating how to do breast stroke.
Bay replied. "I think you're wrong - it's not a movie about the toys - I could care less about the toys. It was about taking a franchise - a superhero franchise and putting it on a big screen. So I wanted the older Transformer that's 40, 35, 25 to like it as much as a younger kid."

"It's a little bit more violent, it's a little bit more scary than you would normally see. I wanted to go to that older film that my parents took me to on Sundays - that's what I was trying to do."

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Transformers Update: TONS of pics and Prime's lips
Posted May 7th 2007 4:25PM by John Neff
Filed under: Etc.

We have good news and bad news to share. The bad news is that, despite reports to the contrary, it does appear that Optimus Prime will be sporting a pair of metallic lips in the upcoming live action Transformers film set to open on July 4th, 2007. Whatev, we're sure pop-action director Michael Bay will provide us with plenty of other elements about which to gripe before the curtain rises on Transformers.

Now for some good news. A slew of new images from the movie have flooded the internet recently, which we've compiled and added to our ongoing gallery. These images show the film's star, actor Shia LeBeouf (hereby known "the Boof"), in various states of raw emotion as he interacts with our favorite giant alien robots. Actually, he spends most of his time with eyes as wide as saucer plates, unless he's onscreen with costar Megan Fox, in which case we're not sure what he's doing because we're not really looking at him. The Boof is having a great summer, though, thanks to his other movie, Disturbia, which just spent a few weeks at the top spot before the summer movie season kicked into gear. No doubt Boof will be back on top come Independence Day with Transformers.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a tip!

All the pictures are contained on their website.
28 March 2007 @ 12:27 am
Transformers Voice Casting
Keith David confirmed as Barricade!
by Stax

March 27, 2007 - With its July 4 release date looming, voice casting on the live-action Transformers movie is shaping up. Hot on the heels of the news that Hugo Weaving will voice Megatron comes word that Keith David (The Thing) will voice the Decepticon police cruiser Barricade in the Michael Bay-directed film.

IGN has confirmed David's casting, which was first rumored over at Ain't It Cool News. Barricade's automobile form will be a Saleen S281 Ford Mustang police cruiser.

David's other credits include Crash, Platoon, The Chronicles of Riddick and Armageddon, which was also directed by Bay. He is also an accomplished voice actor, having worked on such cartoons as Gargoyles, Spawn, Justice League, Teen Titans as well as the Halo videogames.

In related news, USA Today caught up with Transformers scribe Alex Kurtzman who informed the paper, "(writing partner Roberto Orci and I) always modeled Optimus Prime after King Arthur. ... His design (from the '80s toys and cartoon) was so iconic we couldn't make too many changes."

24 March 2007 @ 09:37 pm
Weaving Gets To Voice Megatron For Movie
By bwbm on Saturday, March 24, 2007 @ 01:46:16 PM

Two sources have confirmed that Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, V for Vendetta) has been selected to voice the character of Megatron in the upcoming "Transformers" movie. The rumblings of Mr. Weaving landing the job was originally reported in January of this year.

The first source is entertainment website IESB, which first reported the Weaving rumor in January.

The second source comes from a cryptic message that has shown up on the Sector Seven website (which can be accessed with the password "NBETWO"), which alludes to Mr. Weaving landing the voice acting gig: "As of today, Agent H. Weaving has officially convinced S.S. , M.B., R.O., and A.K. to assign him to oversee the Megaman issue. The recording will commence immediately."

While first seeing these initials is pretty mind-boggling, Director Michael Bay's official blog gives a clear cut definition of the initials with S.S. standing for Steven Spielberg, M.B. for Michael Bay, R.O. as Roberto Orci, and A.K. as Alex Kurtzman. The blog post on Mr. Bay's site reveals nothing new other than the initials, neither confirming nor denying the news. However, this post is made by site adminitrator "nelson," and not Mr. Bay.

Does this mean the possibility of Frank Welker's voice of appearing in the "Transformers" movie is gone? Not so, says IESB. "I have been told there might still be a Transformer that Frank Welker would voice," writes Robert Sanchez of IESB. However, he adds that he does not know which character Mr. Welker could potentially voice.

Update: Ain't It Cool News has also reported that according to their "sources within Paramount/Dreamworks," this news is indeed accurate.

21 February 2007 @ 11:26 pm
Don Murphy On Set Interview - Transformers
Written by Robert Sanchez
Wednesday, 21 February 2007
Producer Don Murphy on the set of the live action Transformers feature film due out July 4th 2007.

Q: At what point did the technology get to where you felt that you could do this as a viable project?

Murphy: The answer I think would be that it's still becoming viable, I believe, as we're going along. I think that’s when Tom DeSanto and I first envisioned this two and a half years ago we saw that there were so many leaps and bounds, and you've probably seen the Citron commercial and all these other sort of viral online and Transformer type things that we knew it was headed that way. Since we started this project, since Michael [Bay] has come onto the project, I'd say in the last year really the technology has kind of caught up to it. Once you see what ILM is doing you'll actually believe that your car is a robot. You'll be pretty excited.

Q: Can you talk about the scene that they're shooting outside today?

Murphy: This scene today, and well, I don't want to give too much away about the story, but the scene today is partof the conclusion of the movie. I don't know if anyone has described the basic structure of the movie, but it's very much like one of those big epic disaster movies where you have five different threads and today is a sequence where almost all of the threads now, the Josh Duhamel and the Shia LeBeouf and the Tyrese [Gibson] – all of the threads are converging as we're getting towards the very final confrontation, the final battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots.

Q: When you talked to the military about advising on this movie did they have any worries about the script or the story?

Murphy: I can't take credit for talking to the military. Michael has a relationship with the military. He and [Ian] Bryce, the line producer, has been talking to the military and from what I know they just had the usual military concerns which were not portraying the military in a negative light. It's really that simple and they've approved the script and have been excited about the project since we started shooting. The first week we shot on Airforce bases.

Q: Have they provided equipment, planes and all of that stuff?

Murphy: Very much so, great access, but again, that's a better question for Michael or if you get a chance to meet the line producer. They have provided the F-22. They have been very helpful in providing us access to everything.

Q: Can you talk about the genesis of this project and sort of finally getting it made?

Murphy: Project started almost haphazardly at the beginning. I had been in conversation with Hasbro to do 'GI Joe' actually, and Sony was interested in doing it. Then we invaded Iraq and it became kind of clear that doing a movie called 'GI Joe' was probably not the smartest idea at that point. The lady who is no longer there, a woman named Carol Monroe, who was in charge of Hasbro Films suggested 'Transformers.' Again, like this question here, I wasn't so sure what the technology would support for something like that. At that exact same time, to be honest I'm probably five years too old to have grown up with 'Transformers,' but I knew from previous conversations that Tom DeSanto who had been instrumental in 'The X-Men' movies had always wanted to do it. So Tom and I partnered up and we approached every single studio in town about doing a big epic large budget live action 'Transformers' movie. It's actually like a bad thing, but what we did because we could was that we pitched the head of every studio. Therefore we garnered absolute passes across the board. We looked at each other going, 'Oh my God, we've been to Comic-Con. We've seen that the '80's are back. We've seen that this is something that has such a built in fan base and yet every studio, even production companies and financial companies like Spy Glass, they've all passed on this. Did we do something wrong?' And about a week or two before we tried to figure out what we were going to do it started to trickle down to the younger executives in each of those companies and so you'd have like a studio boss come in and say as a part of his regular Tuesday morning meeting, 'By the way, I heard about "Transformers," but we're passing.' And the younger guys were like, 'Whoa, whoa, wait, wait! What are you doing? Huh?' So you ended up in a situation where after two weeks of nothing, but passes we ended up with DreamWorks, New Line, Paramount, New Regency, and I'm skipping one there, but four or five companies all of whom wanted to try and get in on the idea, and thus this ended up being a sort of Paramount/DreamWorks co-venture. This was before Paramount even bought DreamWorks. It was always a co-venture.

This was a lengthy article, so feel free to read more behind this cut.Collapse )

General Motors Announces 4 New Transformers Stars
by Jack in Movies at 11:52 AM on 2007.02.21

Four new movie stars – “Bumblebee™,” “Autobot Jazz®,” “Autobot Ratchet®” and “Ironhide®” – from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures’, in association with Hasbro’s, forthcoming July 4th action-adventure release, “Transformers™,” were introduced this evening by General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM) as it hosted its sixth annual “ten” pre-Oscar fashion event at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood.

“Bumblebee” changes from the classic Chevrolet Camaro, and is a central character in the saga of aliens who take mechanical forms when on Earth “Autobot Jazz” converts from a Pontiac Solstice in a hardtop format. A Hummer H2, modified as a rescue vehicle, changes into “Autobot Ratchet” and “Ironhide” changes from a GMC TopKick medium-duty truck. They all star in this summer’s live-action blockbuster, “Transformers,” from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, in association with Hasbro, which will premiere July 4.

Buzz about the roles that these vehicles play in the movie has been spreading since a quick glimpse of the new Camaro was spotted in Paramount’s newest “Transformers” trailer, which began appearing in theaters on Dec. 20, 2006. This clip, which is currently the most-viewed movie trailer on Yahoo!, also contains images of the Solstice, H2 and TopKick for fans who were quick enough to have freeze-framed it.

“’Transformers’ is a compelling project and offers us a global platform for marketing GM products and building our brands,” said Mike Jackson, GM North America vice president, marketing and advertising. “It represents the perfect intersection of entertainment, marketing and design.”

“The first time I saw the new Camaro, while touring the GM Design Center, I knew immediately that it would be the perfect ‘Bumblebee,’” said Michael Bay, the film’s Director. He continued, “It’s got beautiful lines and a classic, timeless look. There were no other cars that came even close. I have had a great working relationship with GM for many years and am psyched to be working with them on ‘Transformers.’”

Gerry Rich, President of Worldwide Marketing at Paramount Pictures, added, “We are thrilled to be working with GM on this incredible and action-packed film. Having integrated the cars as characters in the film is truly an innovative concept that will help eventize this exciting 4th of July tentpole film.”

GM will roll out a fully integrated marketing and promotional effort around the film in the near future, including a major Chevrolet promotion, according to Jackson.

20 February 2007 @ 11:37 pm
Preview: Transformers
IGN screens four clips from the upcoming film!

by Levi Buchanan

February 13, 2007 - Optimus Prime finally rolled out today at the International Toy Fair in New York City, courtesy of a special screening hosted by Hasbro and Dreamworks. The Transformers movie, set for release on July 4, is deep in production -- but even with 140 days before its theatrical bow, director Michael Bay and Dreamworks president of production Adam Goodman were feeling confident enough to pull back a little bit of the curtain.

Secrecy regarding everything from robot design to voice casting has made the film a constant source of speculation, rumor, and anticipation. After screening four incomplete scenes from the movie at tonight's event, Dreamworks and Hasbro executives basked in raucous applause from an audience composed of license partners, retailers, and specialized media. Perhaps this gamble on a 23-year-old toy property would pay off.

It helps, of course, that Transformers has blossomed into a $3 billion brand since its inception. The toy branding ranks third in awareness, trailing only Star Wars and G.I. Joe. In the lobby of the theater, Hasbro strategically placed four toys from the upcoming line for the audience to pick up and inspect. There was an Optimus Prime helmet with a voice changer, a large Bumblebee action figure, a regular-size Optimus Prime action figure, and a strange Optimus Prime that transforms with the touch of a button into a foam-shooting gun. These toys certainly drew considerable attention. With the din, however, it was difficult to discern whether or not the Optimus Prime toys were using Peter Cullen's famous basso profundo.

Before the screen, the audience listened to a short introductory question-and-answer session (attendees were sadly not invited to participate). Goodman was extremely pleased with the progress of the picture and had high hopes for its potential as a franchise. "We don't have a Die Hard or a Lethal Weapon franchise sitting on the shelf," the Dreamworks president pointed out. He hopes that Transformers fills that category, believing the movie is a "head-snapper… along the lines of a Jurassic Park or a Matrix."

Invoking one of executive producer Steven Spielberg's past blockbusters was by no means an accident. Goodman was quick to point out that Spielberg has long enjoyed a fascination with the property. He was familiar with the toys due to his children. "He knew the mythology," said Goodman. However, directing Transformers was not in Spielberg's busy schedule, so the studio reached out to Bay, whose previous credits include Armageddon, The Island, and the Bad Boys movies.

"I was the only one available," Bay quipped, regarding Spielberg's choice. It was a good opening line set to disarm fans that have derided Bay's involvement since the initial announcement. Bay was uninterested in the project, but remembered his days working for Lucasfilm and filing storyboards of a project Spielberg directed. Bay was convinced the movie was going to be a bomb. That movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark. Acknowledging that he had been wrong before, Bay phoned Spielberg back with a desire to learn more. "We're gonna take you to Transformers school," was the reply.

Before showing the four scenes from the movie, the audience was reminded of a few things. Namely, the special effects are far from complete. (This was especially obvious in a few shots of wire-frame robots.) It takes approximately 38 hours to render one frame of the animation, so while some robot effect shots looked solid, there were more tweaks scheduled between now and the theatrical bow. There are also no photographs or assets yet available.

Move on to the next page to read our preview of the four clips screened at the event. But be warned! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

I chose not to include the rest of the article here because of its length but you can check it out at IGN.com if you want to read more.
21 December 2006 @ 12:06 pm
I haven't had a chance to post anything for a while since I've been busy with school.
It looks like the shooting for the movie is finished. Here is an article I found.

Don Murphy Updates on Transformers Movie
Monday, December 18, 2006 @ 09:38:42 AM

Don Murphy has posted news updates for the TF Movie. He mentions stuff like the trailer coming out this Wednesday the 20th. He also mentions that the Transformers section on his site will be shut down as well as some words on talk of the a sequel and still a possibility for Frank Welker to voice for the movie.

"The TRANSFORMERS trailer comes out December 20th online. I’m not going to hype it. If it doesn’t silence the haters, nothing will. The reality is that this film comes out July 4th, 2007, and the producers and the studio are already talking sequel. We know what we have is an exciting and amazing summer blockbuster.

The Don Murphy Message Board was set up by a fan of mine to discuss my movies. Soon, certainly by the new year, there will be a banner on top of the page advising that Transformers discussion should be moved to www.transformersmovie.com . I mean, you can post whatever you want wherever you want I guess…except there is no point anymore. The film is shot. The first director’s cut comes in next week. ILM is rendering the film. We all think that the film kicks ass. But, no matter what you post, it isn’t changing. All the polls in the world no longer make a difference. It seems to make more sense to discuss the movie on the movie site.

I know that from the beginning of this board, I have done my utmost best to make the fan base as happy as I possibly could. You guys demanded Cullen and despite resistance from some quarters he is in there. I feel Welker will hopefully come in there as well. There were things you wanted that frankly made no sense in a live action movie. And there were things I could not deliver, because I was only one voice among many. I think the board served its purpose and along the way created a community and for that I am most grateful.

I hope you’ll all have a great Holiday Season and be good to one another out there. Make the internet a little less hatefilled. Enjoy movies that look good. Enjoy your families and take care, and hang tight, Stooges, hang tight."

21 December 2006 @ 11:54 am
Transformers Official Website Relaunched
Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Dreamworks Pictures has re-launched the official Transformers website, upgrading the previous bare-bone site with videos, wallpapers, the recently released teaser trailer, message boards, news, fan art, buddy icons, and more.

The movie, directed by Michael Bay, will be released July 4, 2007 and stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Jon Voight, Bernie Mac, Tyrese Gibson, Rachael Taylor, Amaury Nolasco, Kevin Dunn and Ronnie Sperling.